Check out Hanksy’s new episode of Surplus Candy, featuring PSAA and other members of Portland’s street art community. Filmed in the Spring 2014, the 4th episode of this mini-series highlights the unique and determined artists that call Portland home.

NYC-based artist Hanksy has teamed up with The Hundreds to showcase what American streets have to offer, visiting off-the-beaten path cities like Montreal, Detroit, Philadelphia, and Austin to explore their unique street art and graffiti scenes. The episodes air every other Wednesday on The Hundreds‘ website.

The Hundreds is pleased to bring you Hanksy’s “Surplus Candy” episode 4 – Portland. Hanksy’s six-part street art odyssey, with the help of Squarespace, has brought him to the streets of Portland to find an art scene that is supposed to be absent. After a scuffle between an ad agency and the city of Portland, a zero tolerance policy for graffiti and murals was put into effect. Though Hanksy soon learns that when art is blocked it just changes courses and flows into a different direction. Portland is a place where street artists have been forced to channel their creativity around the strict laws, ironically pushing street art back to its purest form – underground and out of sight. So much for a city with a non-existent street art scene. (Review from The Hundreds)

A HUGE shout out to all the local artists involved in this project, and everyone that makes up and supports Portland’s street art and graffiti scenes. Portland’s street art and graffiti scenes are alive and well, if you take time to stop and look. 

Read more about Hanksy’s work and his unique spin on the world of street art here.