David Delamare.jpg

David Delamare was the artist who created the fabled mermaid painting that hung in the dining room of Buttertoes Restaurant. The mermaid painting for Buttertoes was the first time he painted mermaids. David became fascinated with them, becoming one of the preeminent mermaid artists in the world.

David adopted his artist name “Delamare” from his British grandmother’s vaudeville stage name “Ida Delameare.” He was a prominent and longtime member of the Sunnyside neighborhood, living in an apartment on Hawthorne above the Buttertoes Gift Shop, with his wife Wendy. David was an art student of Jerry Bosco’s at Benson High School.

David was a life-long artist, and published many illustrative art books, including his last and perhaps best known, Alice in Wonderland, which was co-authored by Carly Simon. David passed away suddenly in 2016 at home one night while playing with his beloved pet rabbits.

You can find his exquisite hard cover books in local bookshops and greeting cards and calendars with his imaginative characters and storybook settings.