Who We Are

We are a network of artists, academics, and professionals who work together to promote and support art in the streets of Portland. 


Portland Street Art Alliance (PSAA) is a 501(c)(3) organization that engages the public by facilitating and creating vibrant street art, documenting and promoting the history and importance of creative interventions in the city, and providing educational forums for community-building and exchange. PSAA cultivates a more informed and democratic culture of artistic expression by activating public spaces and broadening perspectives to build a more engaged, diverse, and playful city.

Research. Document and preserve the rich heritage of public art by educating the public of its importance and involving communities in restoring historic murals. Compile, collect, and publish empirical data on street art to promote progressive urban policies which support this craft and artistic community.

Educate. Educate the public about the history and significance of street art. Make street art more accessible to the general public by providing access to resources, interpretive tours, educational materials, and forums.

Network. Build platforms that support the networking, involvement, and nurturing of a diverse community of local, regional, and international artists. Connect artists with community members, businesses, and corporations to involve the public and facilitate commissioned work, collaborative projects, and volunteer opportunities.

Organize. Organize events and artistic interventions which focus on the creation of collaborative street art, building awareness, and appreciation of street art and related traditions


Tiffany Conklin

Tiffany has over 15 years of professional research experience, including 10 years managing projects at Portland State University's Survey Research Lab. Tiffany has documented street and graffiti art in Portland and around the world since 2006, completing a Masters of Urban Studies at PSU. Her research focuses on graffiti, street art, ideology, and the politics of public space. As the founding director of PSAA, Tiffany has advocated for the arts and managed street art projects in Portland since 2012.

Tomás Valladares

Tomàs has over 12 years of experience as a producer and documentarian, completing a Masters in Arts Administration and Media Management at the University of Oregon. Since then Tomàs has helped managed several art galleries in Portland including U of O White Box and One Grand Gallery and has worked as a freelance producer and videographer. Tomas serves as a member of the Regional Arts & Culture Council's public art advisory board and is a founding director of PSAA.


Galen has been a practicing street and fine artist in Portland for over 10 years. Galen's style and practice incorporates abstract and gestural forms. He manages rotating public art spaces in Portland and has long standing connections in the community. Galen completed a Bachelors in Liberal Studies, Sociology & Graphic Design at Portland State University. Galen has assisted PSAA since its founding, as a key part of its Advisory Board and more recently as a Lead Artist. 

Advisory Board


Sarah completed her Master's in Art History at the University of Oregon in 2015. Her thesis focused on the transformation of graffiti, as it moves from the street to the art institution. Sarah assists PSAA with a variety of things, including non-profit arts organizational management.  


Kohel is a practicing lawyer and has been working with creatives for over 25 years. He specializes in artistic copyright law, and arts community-based non-profit corporation governance. Kohel has contrinuted to PSAA since 2012 as part of our Advisory Board. 


Community resources & partners

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