Don't know where to start?                                                                                 limited time to secure quality artists for your project or event?PSAA can HELP! 


Combining over 15 years of professional project management experience, and 10 years of building community connections in the Portland street art and graffiti scene, PSAA can help with all aspects of your project. PSAA has proven experience executing a wide range of projects including murals, art installations, digital art design, guerrilla marking campaigns, live painting, events, and more. We help enhance spaces and engage audiences with cutting-edge art created by professional artists working in the community.

As part of our Artist Connection Program we...

  • Help you narrow in on your goals and expectations, creating a detailed project scope and timeline
  • Reach out to artists in the community that would be a good fit for your project
  • Create a custom artist roster (with work examples and website links)
  • Communicate project details and expectations, helping artists create quotes
  • Help manage communications with the artists, ensuring the project is completed according to project specifications, on-time, and within-in budget
  • Help the artist handle all contracting and invoicing logistics
  • For this assistance, we ask for a suggested donation of 15% of the total commission (or more), to support this important program
  • Since PSAA is a 501(c)(3) organization, some donations can be tax-deductible 

On a small budget and can't donate to PSAA right now? We can still help!

Limited Artist Connection Program

PSAA can post a general ‘Call to Artists’ for you on our Facebook page. Many successful connections have been made using this forum. With this option, we...

  • Help you develop a project scope and write a brief announcement
  • Artists are told to contact you directly, so you manage all communications with the artists who may respond
  • PSAA does not guarantee the quality of these artist interactions or work
  • This limited program option is free to the community



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What type of commission are you interested in?
Consider telling us things like: Preferences on design, colors (mood boards are great!), the wall's surface type and condition, if lifts would be needed, event logistic details, canvas preferences, etc.