PSAA strives to help street artists connect to commissioned work in Portland and beyond. 

Our Artist Roster consists of artists who have connected with us. Art styles range from traditional muralists, graphic designers, calligraphers, to graffiti artists. If your work fits within PSAA's repertoire, you will receive a follow-up email with more details. PSAA then sends out periodic email requests for quotes when clients are interested in your artwork.  

PSAA manages all commissioned projects, including contracting, invoicing, and providing logistical support. An additional 15% is added on top of all quotes we submit to prospective clients. This fee supports PSAA's services and community work. Once the client selects which artist they want to commission, PSAA hires the artist as a sub-contractor. PSAA does not claim to represent any artists on our roster, nor do we offer direct artist management services at this time.