PSAA connects street artists to commissioned work. 

PSAA maintains a diverse Artist Roster of vetted artists with whom the organization works. Represented artistic styles range from traditional muralists and graphic designers to calligraphers and graffiti artists.

Interested in linking with additional paid work? Sign up below and if your work fits within PSAA's repertoire, you will receive a follow-up email with more details. Once on the Roster, PSAA sends out periodic email requests for quotes either through calls open to rostered artists, or when clients are interested in your artwork.  

Note: If you use a tag name or pseudonym, know that PSAA has strict policies to maintain the privacy of artists and will honor confidentiality requests.

PSAA manages all commissioned projects, including contracting, invoicing, and logistical support.

An additional sliding scale fee is added to all quotes submitted to prospective clients. This fee is passed on directly to the clients and does not reduce the amount paid to artists. This fee supports PSAA's services and community work. Once the client selects which artist they want to commission, PSAA hires the artist as a sub-contractor. PSAA does not claim to represent any artists regardless of their inclusion on its roster, nor does PSAA offer direct artist management services at this time.