Design Week Portland: Art in the Open @ Clay Creative


Join us for a live art installation and dynamic conversation around the role of public art as a vital part of our evolving city.

100% of Ticket Sales donated to The Portland Street Art Alliance

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Has the definition of public art expanded?

Our built environment is a canvas for artistic expression providing opportunities for artists that extend beyond the confines of gallery walls. How can we advocate for and broaden not only the understanding of public art, but the city’s expansive creative capacity and its potential to impact the cultural vibrancy of Portland? As individual property owners, real estate developers, government entities, community members and civic leaders incorporate the artistic community as active participants in a dynamic city, what is the role of public discourse and community engagement?

In this changing landscape where urban planning, business objectives and artistic expression intersect, what are the challenges and opportunities for meaningful change? How does one interpret beauty, cultural aesthetics and new art forms in public spaces? How do we celebrate the public art that currently exists or the experimental spaces and communities that are emerging? Where are the crossroads for public/private and city-wide collaboration?

List of Panelists:

Moderator Ann Hudner, Art Consultant + Communications Strategist

Panelist Adam Tyler, President of Killian Pacific

Panelist Tiffany Conklin & Tomás Valladares, Portland Street Art Alliance

Panelist Kristin Calhoun, Director of Public Art, RACC

Panelist Chris Herring, Founder Portland Winter Light Festival

Panelist + Artist Alex Chiu

Panelist + Artist Lane Walkup

Panelist + Artist Joe Thurston

Interactive Art Show featuring:

Diatom Inspired LED Interactive Lantern Show by Tor Clausen

Hyperreal Arrangements by Manu Torres

Metallic Dreams by Lane Walkup

Live Mural painting by Alex Chiu

Huge thank you to our friends at Killian Pacific for hosting this event. Thank you to the beverage sponsors: Union Wine Co., Dirty Pretty Brewing & Brew Dr. Kombucha.